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Black and White Paper.jpg

Design thumbnails to identify successful design to create two works of art utilizing the element of art: Line

Paper and Scissors

Black and White

Kieth HAring.jpg

Learn about artist Keith Haring and his use of the element of art: line. Using this simple element he was able to connect, through his art, with all walks of life.

Social Justice

Kieth Haring

Contour drawing.jpg

This technique is used to identify and establish the first markings of your drawing. Here, you are focused on edges, outlines, and creases. 

Beginning To Draw

Contour Drawing

Upside Down Image.jpg

This is a technique used to practice drawing what you actually see. Identify actual shapes in observational drawing. 

Drawing: Identifying Shapes

Picasso Drawing

Gestural Drawing.jpg

One of the first technique you must master in the arts. Quickly draw approximations to establish shape, size, position, and proportion

Getting Faster at Drawing

Gesture Drawing

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